Friday, July 16, 2010

Hate Breed

Racists still live among us. Unfortunately for Hank Garcia, he knew firsthand what it was like to be persecuted for being different. Ever since grade school, Max Winters found ways to hurt Hank. It started with name calling.

“Hey snowman, you’re ugly.”

Eventually the spewing of insults turned into beatings and chases. Not even attempts at reasoning could get through to Max. Hank thought Max would mature over the years. He could not believe someone hated him because he was an Albino.

He compared himself to Max and noted that Max had long blond hair and his was nappy and white. Max had baby blue eyes and his were red. Max had fair skin yet his was pale and burned easily.

By high school, Hank ran out of patience and got better grades than Max, played basketball better, and stole Max’s girlfriend.

So as Hank knelt on the snow in a secluded wooded area, stripped down to his underwear, he prayed for a miracle.

Max kicked him in his ribs, cocked a revolver and pointed it at the back of Hank’s head.

“Die snowman!”

Hank shut his eyes. With teeth chattering and body shivering, he listened to the sudden screams. The terrible sound of bones crunching made him wince. When at last he drew the courage to open his eyes, he saw a trail of blood on the snow that led to a crumpled up Max. Next to the broken cadaver stood a giant beast; its white hairy coat blended into the landscape. Its red eyes gleamed from the direct sunlight. The huge snow beast growled and ran away, leaving a trail of giant footprints behind.

276 words


  1. Wondered if the racism was at albinos or abominable snowmen. Both are classically oppressed groups in society. Glad one stood up for the other.

  2. Me too. Thanks for your comments. :-)

  3. Very cool flash piece. My first literary Hero was Elric of Melnibone', an albino Emperor.


  4. Good Heavens, and from out of nowhere.

  5. Thank you gentlemen. An albino Emperor, sounds cool indeed, Timothy. Donald, out of nowhere leaves quite an impact, no? Thanks for weighing in.

  6. You never disappoint :D Two thumbs up

  7. Thank you Poppet. Coming from you it means so much more. :-D

  8. Wow... so much in such few words. I was holding my breath near the end.


  9. Thank you Tomara and Koreen. Your kind words are truly appreciated. :-)

  10. Snowman, indeed. Glad to see Hank made it out alive.

  11. Yes Laurita, sometimes horror should have a happy ending.