Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Question of Destiny

Angels deliver Fate to our doorstep - and anywhere else it is needed. ~Jessi Lane Adams

Surely you don’t believe that everything is predetermined. The world must be governed by random chaos, just like many scientists claim. Of course, that’s it, random chaos. A woman enters a dark alley and spots an unsavory character. He swallows her with his eyes but doesn’t touch her. A few hours later she watches the news and discovers another woman got raped in that same alley just minutes after she had passed. Well, she goes to the precinct, describes the man she saw and a couple of hours later the police bring him in for questioning. When the lady takes a look at him, she positively identifies him. The rape victim also confirms his identity. A detective asks the man if he remembers the blonde, the lady he didn’t rape, and he says yes.

“Why didn’t you do anything to her?”

“Are you crazy? She had two huge dudes walking with her.”

The woman was alone. Does that mean her guardian angels protected her, only manifesting themselves to the rapist? Could it be that getting raped was not in her destiny? If you believe that to be the case, then you would agree the rape victim planned to be raped in this life. In other words, it was her fate because she wanted to experience what it was like. So perhaps we plan every detail of our lives before we’re born and God sends his angels to make sure we fulfill our destiny.

For many people, the above scenario is a perfect example of random chaos. Something caused the man to not rape the first woman, but he jumped on the second opportunity. But this is where random chaos is questionable, at least in this case because by the rapist’s own admission, he saw the first woman had protection. Was it fate or random chaos?

How about when you experience the feeling that you’ve done, or have been in a place before but in actuality, it’s your first time. Déjà vu is common and occurs at random points in our lives. I can only think of two reasons why this phenomenon occurs. The first reason is because you plan every detail before you were born. At the moment of birth we begin to forget, since the brain we use is new and therefore incapable of holding so much information. Through time we become preoccupied with learning and experiencing things that in essence are new to us, though if you subscribe to the predesigned theory, then you have seen the imagery of your actions prior to being born so, on rare instances, you can recognize what in essence you have seen in another dimension, making it appear as though you’ve experienced the same thing again. Confusing?

I hope you’re still with me. The second reason is because we have in fact been there or done that before, but here’s the catch, not in the same lifetime. Ha, we have ventured into yet another interesting category; the possibility of reincarnation. I’ll explore the question of having another shot at this earth, in a different body, at a later date.

In the end, the question of destiny or fate is one we may not be able to answer while living in this dimension. Which by the way leads to more questions like are there alternate universes or higher dimensions? I wonder from which dimension we originate from. If this is an example of the first dimension- a dot- visualized in between the parenthesis (.) and this line _____ represents the second dimension and a box the third dimension, and each one exists in the following dimension but must be present in multitudes to be recognized in the previous. Then it must be plausible to suggest that all three dimensions exist in every dimension after the fourth; thereby, making it possible that we may have the capability to violate the rules of this world’s laws of physics if we originate from a higher dimension.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Let’s leave the concept of dimensions for a later blog as well. Now, the theory of random chaos and its counterpart, organized chaos intrigues me since scientists have found a form of the latter in quantum physics. This is all fascinating stuff, some of which led me to write books.

My current novel in progress is titled Time’s Up. I’m currently rewriting it and I pray to see it in print by the end of this year or the beginning of next. Time’s Up is based solely on the concept of destiny and how something alters it, thereby creating a need for the keepers of fate which many call, angels. The fact the blond woman had invisible guardian angels making sure she didn’t get raped, points me in the direction of what I term, supervisors of destiny. My main character is Cole Mizer and he spends the better part of the book searching for who he really was before he got stuck in a most unglamorous role. My supervisors of destiny are immortals who can’t maneuver through time and space like angels. Could it be Cole was a human who because of special circumstances was chosen by God to make sure man’s destiny did not lose shape. In essence, could it be that random chaos is messing with organized chaos? Ha, I’ll leave the answers for the scientists to argue over. I’m just a simple writer having fun.

Follow your destiny my friends and enjoy the journey.

Nomar Knight


  1. Hi Nomar - this is a fab post. Here I am throwing in my two cents of opinion: I dream my future. A year before a drowning incident, I dreamt it. And didn't think it would ever happen and shrugged it off as a dream, because a) I'd never been to that beach and b) I had yet to meet the girl I was swimming with.

    I thought it was just a bad dream. A year later she and I nearly drowned (and now I believe in miracles because that's the only thing that saved me).

    After the incident, i recalled having done it all before and wanting to kick myself because I should have remembered that dream. So maybe that's another answer for Déjá vu?

    Your book sounds fascinating and like something I'd enjoy reading.

    An aside - about ten years ago it was mathematically proven that we have ten dimensions in order for things to be as they are. So what is a ghost? Or an angel? We use ten percent of our brains. What do the people that use 20% see? Can they see into other dimensions? Is that what a ghost or an angel is? Someone out of reach, that sometimes some people have the ability to always see because they access a part of their brain the masses don't?

    How about intuition? Intuition insists that there is more to us than meets the eye - and when we listen to instinct (survival instinct) we remain safe *by not walking down that alley* and taking the long way home instead.??

    Oh yeah - we could stay up all night pondering science and religion and everything in between.



  2. Thanks for your outstanding comment, Poppet. 10 dimensions? I hadn't read about that but then again, I haven't started my research on the topic either. Now, I'm looking forward to researching that topic as well as the others discussed here. You brought up some interesting points. Yes, ghosts are energy that roam in higher dimensions. They're capabilities always amaze me, but like you mentioned, we could discuss these topics for a long time. Perhaps someday our ventures will take us on a course where we'll meet in person. How much fun that would be. Our conversations would be priceless.

    Take care, Poppet. Happy writing to you!