Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carving a Soul

Some of you out there may think I'm incapable of writing something light. Well, I've written a few light poems and "Carving a Soul" is one I'm most proud of. Yes, my muse is 98% dark but sometimes light shines through.

I dedicate this poem to a dear friend, Ann Carter, who befriended me in spite of my love for horror. Thank you Ann, you are a doll.

Without further adieu:

Carving a Soul

Never underestimate the power of goodness.
Flood evil with kindness
And sing soothing hymns.
Douse their sordid pleas with brightness.
Disarm the decaying spirit.

Darkness strikes with blind fury.
Return fire with a smoldering smile.
The Master's words sharpened the path
To enlightenment and carved truth,
Enriching even the darkest souls.

Flash the beam of love.
Spread joy to the masses
And rebel against fear
For daylight extinguishes the
Uncertainty that lies in the shadows.

Oh, rejoice in the power of prayer.
Eliminate the wretched evil that looms
Cast out the demons with the sacred
Blood, emboldening the timid
Winged creatures praising His name.

For the Son of Man sacrificed all
To have the chosen; witness
Miracles, grace, and glory.
At last, hope springs eternal
Forever bounding darkness with light.


  1. This is really and truly beautiful. I have to ask though--did you blast the evils of the DMV with smoldering smiles and light? ;-)

    No in all seriousness, I loved this poem. You are a master of words.

  2. Thank you Koreen. Actually, I had lots of trouble smiling there, but I did roll my eyes. Does that count?