Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chasing Shadows by Poppet

Knight Chills welcomes Poppet. She's a talented author who writes excellent nonfiction articles and spine tingling dark fiction. She is our first Poet of the Week.

Chasing Shadows
by Poppet

Palpitations chase me as shadows ensnare my vision
Running over cold rock, the sounds envelop me
Scurrying, hundreds of patters chase my flight
Looking about I see nothing, invisible beings feeding my fright

Rushing through the veil of night mist, I chance a twist
Swirls of vapour part as the hulking darkness whisks forward
Stones tear soles, as the hunted runs from the scream
Wake up, wake up now, it's only a dream

Buzzing of voices run at my side, how do they hide?
Why can't I see them, but hear them all around?
Chancing a glance, the shadows rush closer, catching my distress
Launching into nowhere, I fall, fall fall, flapping my dress

Hair snakes about me, strangling out my breath
Screaming I call for 'help'... help...
The echoes mock me as I wait for the impact of bone on stone
Falling faster, wind sucking out the last of my breath, so alone

Alarm snaps eyes open, I spy the darkness descending after me
Many mouths flex with ghastly laughter, cackling at my demise
Snapping awake, moisture tracing my nape, inhaling cold air in gasps
I watch the shadows recede, my veins ice when I hear the nearby rasp

Trembling limbs bravely creep out of bed, and sneak to the sound
Juddering arms, weakness and fear, I stalk the noise that's so far yet so near
And come across the dog's bed, in the corner at the fire place
Snoring and gasping, collapsing I hug him with relief, tears bathing my face

You can get more of Poppet's amazing talent at blog


  1. Thank you for the opportunity ;) xx

  2. Thank you, Poppet, for your great contribution. :-)

  3. I liked the abb and abcc rhyme pattern. Very vivid.

  4. very frightening, nice wordplay JH