Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dead Communicate

Dreams are an essential mechanism used by the dead to communicate with the living. While people dream, their conscious awareness is no longer restricted to the constraints of reality. It’s like crossing over to another dimension full of wonder, where gravity can be manipulated and the word “impossible” gets obliterated. In dreams, humans can fly, senses may heighten, desires breathe life, and fears open doors to horrors never before witnessed by man.

Many authors are aware that dreams are a place where they can swim in a lake of creativity. Writers of horror travel to the land of dreams hoping to experience nightmares which may leave them paralyzed with fear. Of course, they also hope they can remember as many details as possible. If they forget what they dreamed of then what is the point of travelling to the mysterious realm?

Of all the possible scenarios that can take place in a dream, the supernatural phenomenon of dead people communicating with the living, tends to leave us questioning religious philosophies which eliminate the possibility of life after death. When the line is crossed from dream to reality, the impact of such an encounter may leave us thirsting for concrete answers.

Here’s an account, claimed to be of true events.


Henry’s dream was interrupted by his grandmother who the previous month, had passed away. She died of an embolism in the hands of her youngest daughter, Sheila.

The grandmother said, “Henry, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a problem and I think you may be the only one who could help me.”

Henry wondered why she was genuinely apologetic, almost as if she was ashamed for entering his dream. “What’s wrong grandma?”

He noted that although she looked at least forty years younger, the concern showing on her face seemed to take away from her glowing vitality.

“Sheila is grieving too much for me. I’m afraid if she doesn’t stop, she’ll get gravely ill. Can you tell her I’m alright?”

Henry tilted his head and asked, “Why don’t you just show her?”

Her eyes beamed. He could tell by the change in her facial expression, she pondered the suggestion. She said, “I’ll see if I can do that.” With her last word, she vanished.

Henry awoke that morning to a phone call. His aunt Sheila, who lived miles away in another state, wept. Through sobs she said, “Henry, I just had the most amazing dream. Mother told me she’s never been better. She showed me a beautiful garden and she was with my dead brother. They looked vibrant and happy. She said it was your idea for her to show me she’s okay.”

An electrical sensation ran through Henry’s body, lifting the hairs on his arms. His heart pounded faster with excitement.

Aunt Sheila continued, “Thank you.”

Henry was at a loss for words. He tried to fight off tears of joy, but alas he couldn’t. They spent several minutes on the phone, crying together. They were both grateful for the connection they made in the land of dreams.


The next time you venture off into the magical realm of dreams; pray you remember your adventure and that it touches your reality in a most profound way.

Dream well, my friends.

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight


  1. Dreams are a great idea pool.

  2. I've never dreamed of the dead, but I did once dream about a friend...who dreamed of me at the same time. Who knows where we go when we dream?

  3. I've heard this theory, and I'm not going to dismiss it, especially as something similar happened to me years ago.

    But then a couple of weeks ago I dreamed of my mother (who died in 1998) Her criticism of me in this dream was so harsh that I said, "Mom, I feel like you don't care about me." Her reply, a cold, fierce look in her eyes, "I don't!" When I have a dream like that, I hope it was just a dream and not my mom at all.

  4. Hello Icy, perhaps you and your friend had out of body experiences during sleep time. I've heard numerous cases of that happening.

    Kady, I believe in your case, your mother represented your own conscience. Your mind used an authority you'd respect. Your mother's line about not caring, is really your attitude about the problem. You didn't care what anyone thought, you was going to do whatever you wanted.

    Thanks for sharing ladies.

  5. This has happened to me quite a few times.

    The first real experience I remember was when I was four. I actually had a dream about my father's uncle who had passed many, many years before. It was such a peaceful dream in which we were surrounded by white light. He called me over to him, where he was sitting on a blanket underneath a huge oak tree. I sat next to him and he told me I was a good girl and to always stay that way.

    I only found out years later, while looking through family photos with my dad, who it was. I'll always remember that dream.

    I've also connected with a best friend through a dream. I remember him calling for me in my dreams the whole night. I called him right when I woke and told him. At this time, he was on the East coast and I was on the West. The first thing he said to me was, "It worked." It was an odd response until he told me he was going through a hard time and wanted so badly to confide in me about things that he kept thinking my name over and over. Our connection and friendship was so strong that I think I actually "felt" him calling for me.

    Anyways, sorry for such a long comment. You write about things I've lived and it intrigues me to know others have lived it too. Thank you for your posts. :)

  6. Wow Michelle! Now that's a comment. LOL Yes, we're not alone. Thanks for sharing something so personal with us. It's always a pleasure to have you grace our pages with your insight.