Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall Into My Darkness

Fall Into My Darkness
By Nomar Knight

Come, shed the light and embrace my darkness.
Drop your inhibitions and be free, like me.
Clouds dampen your spirit surrounding you with
Gloom while intoxicating shades clutch your breath.

Fear not the tender cloak of invisibility
For at night dreams are born.
Daylight suffocates creativity and roasts
Inspiration originated by solemn reflection.

Darkness empowers the imagination, creating
Magical possibilities until life itself
Reveals a fire of burning questions dangling
Within your reach, lifting your soul.

Come, pick the fruit of knowledge.
Spurn the erosion of sunlight and dare to
Share with me immortal vitality by
Springing one sweet tender kiss.

My talons, I swear are but a tool to
Slice through burdens created by
The light's distorting reflection.
Fall into my darkness and forever be free.


  1. I read joy in the darkness, a celebration. Nice juxtaposition. Love the moodiness, too.

  2. Thank you M. I do enjoy the darkness. :-)

  3. This has to be the sexiest title for a poem ever.

  4. *blushes* You always have a way of making me blush, Poppet. xx :-)

  5. Great poem, and I like the image. The fourth stanza is my favorite, especially the "erosion of sunlight". Spiffy.

    I posted a dark poem today, darkly humorous. I'd be curious what you think if you get a chance:

  6. very nice, read it thanks to Twitter. Will be linking it to our writers site. keep it up.

  7. Very nice. The darkdness can be...compelling. ;)