Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exposing Our Heart of Darkness

Exposing Our Heart of Darkness

Exposing Our Heart of Darkness
By Nomar Knight

“Light never battles darkness, so whenever you see a fight it is always between two dark forces.”~Montaigne

In every heart there is a darkness waiting to come out.  There are four sides to every human and many of us are afraid of unleashing our darkest side.  So let’s examine the extremes of human behavior since they are the easiest to recognize.  
The part of our heart that most of us strive to maintain afloat at all times is our capacity for Light/Good which is nothing more than being a positive influence on others while adhering to a high moral code of ethics.  At a young age, many are taught, usually through church, that kindness fills a void in all souls.  As we age, we may discover that the more positive vibes we send out, the more we get back.     
The next extreme behavior is our capacity for Dark/Evil.  We tend to associate sociopaths, criminals, and the most troubled in society as the weaker element of human species.  Some commit acts so appalling, that people who bask in Light/Good are at a loss for dealing with what they deem to be their natural enemy.  To many of these righteous seekers, it never dawns on them that they too have the capacity to commit atrocities against mankind.  The fact that they prefer to lock away Dark/Evil tendencies only serves to enhance the illusion that they are better than anyone who loses their moral compass.
Unfortunately, the next two sides aren’t always easy to detect.  For example, a person who stays within the realm of Dark/Good may be looked upon as a mentally unstable character just because they prefer the darker things in life.  Many Dark/Good people will embrace horror or gothic genres, violent entertainment, and tend to be willing to try exciting things as long as their morals are not compromised and/or no one gets hurt.
The last side which is extremely difficult to detect and can prove to be the most dangerous is the Light/Evil side.  Light/Evil people gravitate toward the light by surrounding themselves with Light/Good people.  Sometimes we can tell them apart if the Light/Evil person seems to bask in the acquisition of power.  Sometimes they take roles such as clergy, teachers, or quiet positions that seldom get noticed like janitorial or service work. These are the people we call wolves in sheep’s clothing.  These are the people we tend to erroneously trust with our most sacred things, such as children or secrets. 
In retrospect, we are all capable of delving in both light and darkness.  While it may be true that in the heat of battle we humans always want good to triumph over evil, reality reminds us that the lines between the two aren’t always clear.  In essence, in order for light to triumph over darkness, a balance must be kept from within.  As long as the principles of good never waver, humanity stands a chance of survival and hopefully learns to live with its darker side.
Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved.

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