Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Collector of Innocents

Collector of Innocents

Collector of Innocents
By Nomar Knight

It hides in broad daylight
Posing as one of us
Flashing an innocent smile
Melting our defenses down

Warm eyes exude sincerity
Allowing us to bask in friendship's glow
Blind trust takes over
And we open our hearts

Not once do we suspect
Pure evil in our midst
It grins as we let our guard down
Knowing tragedy breathes near

"Where's Sally?" We shout
Our little girl never comes home
No sign of the friendly neighbor
Mr. Kind vanishes when the fog clears

The man who steals sacred trust
Wanted in eleven states
Known as the collector of innocents
Roams to slice another family's heart

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills poem.


  1. I really enjoyed this piece, it had a dark, sinister feeling through it.

  2. i like the dark...those that jack with kids though piss me off...at first i was thinking the personification of death but by the end a predator much fiercer...

  3. Terrifying. More so because these predators aren't always just 'kindly strangers'. You captured the image well. To bad it can't just stay here...

  4. My kind of poem, nicely done.


  5. As a parent of two girls and a boy that is the most terrifying thing to imagine, especially since these people are usually the "kindly stranger" and not so much the stand out freak in a trench coat. You did a great job making the cold fear run down the spine.

  6. My son wrote poetry similar to this for years. I always enjoyed his writing, and I've enjoyed yours too. A terrible subject, but very well written.