Friday, April 1, 2011

Chaos by Nomar Knight


     I teach therefore I'm forced to go against the grain and deal with a culture that wants to imitate Americans, yet fight to hold on to their Spanish heritage.  As a result of political and social prejudices against the English language and those who dare tread in the murky waters of education, I find myself trying to do the impossible. Maintaining a strong will to continue to reach my students in the hopes that at least 25 % of them can survive college, makes me wince because I know they can always do better. 

     Perhaps if the governor of Puerto Rico could make the state tests valid and promote literacy, things would change for the better.  Until that day comes, I continue struggling against the grain amidst the chaos that is the Puerto Rican education system.     

This poem epitomizes the struggles that all teachers on this island are going through. 

By Nomar Knight

Whispers swirling around my head
Coming from the left no the right
Soothing melody awaking desire
The thirst for knowledge revealed

Murmurs buzzing around my ears
A planted seed looks to grow
Before its time giving birth
To ignorance and selective deafness

Shouts pounding individuality
Clashing against the grain
Fallacies of promises rendered
Falling into an abyss of disinterest

Screams shocking rebellion
Listen to the master
Expend time and energy
Treated like a discarded rag

Cries acknowledging inexperience
Tripped by chance
Thoughts lost in confusion
Seeking answers to wrong questions

Wails stunning progress
Sorrow walking hand in hand
As remorse sets in
Chaos snuffs out opportunity

When will politics end
And Education begin?

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills poem.

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