Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let Me Be

Let Me Be

For One Stop Poetry Week 41

Let Me Be
By Nomar Knight

Let me be who I say I am
Not what you want me to be
Pleasing you got me in a jam
Stole my originality

Let me be what I want to be
Even if you lose face
I own up to responsibility
Your reaction's a disgrace

Let me be different for a change
Not like a robot stuck in time
So your friends call me strange
They never gave us a dime

Let me be a learner in my way
Even if I stumble and fall
Can't protect me every day
You're not talking to a brick wall

Let me be who I'm born to be
Original like sin
Spread my wings and be free
Tired of living in a stranger's skin

Let me be the one to soar
For great heights do await
Raising me wasn't a bore
Please let me meet my fate

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills poem.


  1. Eloquent!! :)
    It is tough being different in a world that pushes wholesomeness...Sad how they want to push difference aside and raise a bunch of little robots with no thoughts of their own...geez!!!


  2. nice...i think that is the most important thing in life...discovering who we are and having permission to be that person...

  3. Nice poem. Took me a while to learn to be myself and not what was expected. Very nice not having to pretend. I'm not like my sisters, but personally I think they are boring and my friends a bit more interesting.

  4. hm - think it's so important that we are allowed to be who we are..

  5. When we try to please everyone else, we lose ourselves. Very nicely written piece on this topic.

  6. Be always who you are and never let it go. Ideal poem.