Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knight Chills receives Liebster Blog Award

     It warms my heart to wake up to a good person's act of kindness.  One of my favorite writers and poets, Jezri, decided to pass on the Liebster Blog award to Knight Chills. You can visit her cool website called Jezri's Nightmares here. And be sure to purchase her entertaining e-books on Amazon which you can link up through her site.

     The award is given to recognize each writer's contribution to blogging. There are conditions upon receiving this award. The condition for accepting this award is to pass it on to 3 to 5 blogs that have under 300 followers. 

     There are plenty of great blogs that I read with less than 300 followers. However, I'll do my best to keep it to five. First up is my friend Julie Myers and you can find her blog in her fantastic website. My Paranormal Nightmares.  It's a fascinating subject that hits close to home. Please visit her, you won't be disappointed. 

     Next up is my fabulous Science Fiction author and friend, M PAX at Wistful Nebulae. If she doesn't dazzle you with her prose, her awesome space pictures will get you.

     Another writer whose work I enjoy reading is Aline S. Iniestra. She's a fellow member at Master's of Horror and writes excellent dark poetry. Check out the talented, rising horror writer star at In Darkness I Play.

     Of course, not everything with me is about horror. That's why I gravitate toward the lovely and talented Biola Olatunde at her blog, Ephesus. Biola is the real deal. Her mastery with words dazzles every time.  Plus, she enjoys featuring other authors in her segment, Center Stage. 

     Finally, Sean Paul Potterson hosts Blackprint Poetry. His dark poems hit close to home for me. Please show him some love, visit his blog and tell him Nomar sent you. 

     Thank you Jezri for nominating Knight Chills.

     Have fun visiting a few of my favorites and don't forget, I'll catch you on the dark side. 

Nomar Knight

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  1. Nomar, I want to thank you so much! I am at a loss for words! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you thinking of me! Your site is amazing and so are your books! Thank you so much for not only thinking of me, but for agreeing to be a Guest Author at my site for the month of May.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Nomar, thank you so much for the Award!
    It's really a great honor for me... being recognized by such an author!

    Thanks again, I just passed the award on; check it out: