Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Horror: Sebastian by Aline Sánchez Iniestra

Beautiful Horror: Sebastian by Aline Sánchez Iniestra

Here's an excellent example of what I call beautiful horror by the gifted Aline Sánchez Iniestra:

by Aline S. Iniestra 
His eyes shed tears
For his lost little love:
A pretty girl in a white robe;
He’s only ten years old.
He stumbles on the snow,
Passes houses by,
Sits under a tree
That shares his loss, and cries.
He saw her die;
Snow painted in red,
His soul painted in black …
He cannot understand.
Now he has decided
To say nothing more;
He cuddles with the tree
And hopes to meet his love.
The night embraces him
And the moon lights up his fading eyes:
“Such little creature
That wish I will grant”
So he slept with the tree
And the moon disappeared,
And the sun with his warmth
Could not bring him to life.
Now he’s gone to join
His beautiful found love;
Two little children
Kiss somewhere beyond. 

Thank you Aline for adding a touch of class to Knight Chills. You may visit her wonderful blog: In Darkness I Play here  

© Copyright 2011 Aline S. Iniestra. All rights reserved.

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  1. Yep, this is truly beautiful! One of your best, Aline. :D

  2. Aline is so gifted! I love her works very much!