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Step Into the Shadows: Verland Lives! Interview with Author B.E. SCULLY

It's not every day Knight Chills gets an opportunity to greet an excellent horror writer when their vampire novel debuts.  Not only do you have the privileged of meeting B.E. SCULLY, but you'll also get the lowdown on one sizzling Gothic vampire novel.  Like the vampire character, VERLAND, the author manages to maintain an aura of mystery throughout our interview.  What follows is the blurb for the above book.  Afterwards, feel free to click on the photo and the links I'll provide to order this hot novel.  For now, enjoy the fact that Verland Lives! 

True crime writer Elle Bramasol is drawn into a macabre mystery when incarcerated Hollywood producer Eliot Kingman asks her to write a book about his case. As she delves deeper into Kingman’s murder conviction, she discovers that he possesses a centuries old diary written by an elusive vampire named Verland. Uncovering the transformative secrets held within the diary’s pages, Elle is drawn deeper into both Kingman’s deadly schemes and Verland’s dark world of shadows. When the two finally collide, the stage is set for a climactic battle over mankind’s ultimate prize: eternal triumph over death. But will the Holy Grail of immortality turn out to be the cruelest curse of all?

Exploring the allure of the shadowy places between life and death, between fantasy and reality, and the ultimate power of belief, Verland: The Transformation is a gothic-inspired tour de force, a brooding return to the roots of the vampire genre that goes for the throat from page one until the final, bone-chilling climax.

And now, without further ado, meet the gifted B.E. SCULLY

N. Knight: Please tell us a little about yourself.

B.E. SCULLY: When I’m not rambling around the world in my vardo, you can find me in the woods of Oregon hanging out with my weird posse of human and animal companions.

N. Knight: Tell us about your latest book.

B.E. SCULLY: Verland is an exploration of the transformative power of belief—our fear and fascination with the darker aspects of our existence, the mysteries of death and whatever comes next, and how all of these powerful forces can come together in ways that fundamentally change and shape our lives. Plus, it’s got a lot of cool vampire action.

N. Knight: How did you get started as a writer? 

 B.E. SCULLY: I think I’m still getting started as a writer, actually!

N. Knight: What’s a typical day like for you?

B.E. SCULLY: If it includes caffeine, furry companions demanding things, good food and good art, and--if the liver is in an agreeable mood--something with an alcohol content, then that’s about as typical as a day gets for me.

N. Knight: What do you like most about reading and writing?

B.E. SCULLY: I love everything about reading! It’s probably the most consistent love of my life, not to mention the one that rarely suffers performance anxiety and always calls back the next day. Writing is more of a love/hate thing, really; I love bringing the story and the characters to life, but writing is a lot like wrestling a giant hydra-monster onto the page one word at a time, only to have the next word-head pop up and attack you again.

N. Knight: Which author influenced you the most?

B.E. SCULLY: So many artists have influenced me: writers, musicians, even people whose ‘art’ is simply in the way they live each day…really, all of the dreamers and rebels and harum-scarums out there influence me every day.

N. Knight: Tell us 3 interesting things about you.

One: I dream of an androgynous future.
Two: I practice mind control, sometimes even on myself.
Three: To quote Scarface: “I always tell the truth, even when I lie.”

N. Knight: Would you say you write specifically for one genre and if not, what’s your favorite genre to write?

B.E. SCULLY: Apart from the necessities of how the book will be marketed and tagged, I don’t think of genres one way or the other. You name it, I’ll write it and read it.

N. Knight: Best and worst part of being a writer?

B.E. SCULLY: If ya gotta write, ya gotta write, but I would much rather be a rock star, no way around it. Writing requires all of the blood and guts of artistic endeavor with much less of the glory. I mean, do writers get to stand up on stage and have thousands of people scream and throw underwear at us?

N. Knight: Advice to writers?

B.E. SCULLY: Stock up on the Pinot…lots and lots of Pinot.

N. Knight: Interesting story about writing.

B.E. SCULLY: That’s a tough one—sat and wrote! The story at the end of a lot of long and solitary hours is the only one that counts.

Thank you B.E. SCULLY for visiting Knight Chills. I can't wait to read your book. 

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  2. The cover is gorgeous. I enjoyed reading B.E.'s pearls of wisdom.