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Unleashing the Lust for Vengeance

Unleashing the Lust for Vengeance

Unleashing the Lust for Vengeance
By Nomar Knight

A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings that are human only in name, for to the eye and ear they seem naught but savage creatures, animated by vile passions and by the lust of vengeance and of hate. ~ Baroness Orczy

In order to draw inspiration from the bowels of hate, a writer has to forget about his petty grievances, or become totally senile if his life is great, and plunge headfirst into the madness that is vengeance.  Sometimes events occur throughout history which may open our eyes to injustices that we can’t let pass.  People are massacred.  The weak are preyed upon, exploited, raped, or their souls deliberately broken.  As long as there is an enemy to identify, the righteous will find a cause to release the fire burning within. 
Ask yourself: what would you do if laws did not defend the rights of the wicked?  Let’s imagine that you happened to witness a man violating a ten-year-old child in an alley.  Would you try and take the heathen by yourself or would you yell about the man’s transgressions in the hope that others will join you in the pummeling of the wretched predator? 
While the mob mentality is akin to a wildfire dead-set on destruction, to tap into the emotions that hit each individual when he’s part of a mob is quite complicated for some.  For you see, a feeling of unity strikes the heart of most involved.  The leader gains power when others approve of how he’s handling the situation.  He can bash a bottle over the predator’s head and the more blood he draws from the tyrant, the more support he gains.  Perhaps a normally shy person will feel empowered enough to throw a brick at the man.  Then a few others, with eyes easily recognized in a wolf pack will want more blood, so two will kick the man’s head, three will vie for the a shot at his torso, and others will do their best to maim his legs so he can’t get away.  The sad thing is not that the mob took it upon itself to provide justice.  No, the sad thing is that they couldn’t control the fire burning within. 
Amazingly, rage is blinding and as a result may lead the aggressors to equal one hideous action with another.  Of course, not all of us lose control of our animalistic instincts at exacting vengeance.  I have no doubt at least one person in the crowd feared for the bad man’s life and went for help.  In fact, I’m sure another tried to stop the mob with shouts of, “Leave him alone!  You taught him a lesson, now let him go!”  
Unfortunately, we are but savage creatures when we choose to abandon reason in the hopes of righting a devastating wrong.  I admit that I become aggressive when witnessing a boxing match, particularly if I’m personally rooting for the underdog fighter.  If I’m watching the event live, the roar of the crowd sends my adrenaline soaring and for at least awhile, I want to jump in that ring and help my fighter.  I want to bash the other guy’s brains in. 
Yes, as a writer, I must tap into those emotions and show just how cruel we can be, yet in the name of vengeance, many people feel that violence is acceptable as long as it’s justifiable. 
Vengeance is a passion and passion is entertaining, even if it is vile.

Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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  1. All of this is true. It was evident in some protest here in London where the mob mentality led to some unexpected consequences. And don't forget that another thing about 'collective mentality' is the distribution of responsibility.

    I read once that a woman was raped not once, but three times in a neighbourhood, where apparently everyone was awake and heard her screaming, again and again. She fought and ran, but the man kept going after her, until he stabbed and killed her, right there on the spot. It was determined that there were more than a dozen witnesses to the one-hour long rape/murder, and you'd think that most of them would have called the police. Only one did, and it was too late.

    So yes, men are scary, but they are scarier together, and more destructive. I'll be coming back for more insightful posts, thank you! :)