Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost Soul by Ramon Flores

Lost Soul
by Ramon Flores

Brown eyes bled
The essence of truth
Bound by misgivings
Lost in her youth
Sinners recognized
Their common faults
Preachers hollered
Some shallow assaults

Like a popped balloon,
Innocence flutters
Falling from grace,
She's one of the cutters
Hardship's to blame,
There's no doubt about it
Bypassing shame,
All ready to quit

Choked, then drowned
On a cup of water
Ignored chances,
Preferring a quarter
Plastic friendships
Managed to seal
Covered in darkness,
Pain's all to real

With head held low,
And wanting to stop
Yet the urgency to feed,
Led to a cop
Packed in a cell
With no one to blame
An outcast by choice,
Oh what a shame

Screamed heavenly cries
Just to be saved
The road to redemption
Is what she craved
Regrets filled the soul,
Face filled with tears
Prayed for forgiveness,
Built upon fears

Mercy for Mercy,
This child newborn
Tantalized by evil,
Plunged by a horn
Searched high and far
For majestic light
Vowing to make
Her wrongs all right

© Copyright 2010 Ramon Flores. All rights reserved.
Ramon Flores has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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  1. *shivers* You certainly have a way with words and a gift for painting a vivid picture!