Sunday, October 2, 2011

Awesome! Read Erra by Poppet

A Knight Chills Book Review

Awesome Read by Poppet

Erra, by Poppet, is a book that I read expecting it to fulfill my craving for supernatural beings with a penchant for action.  I knew there’d be romance, and sure enough, there’s an interesting love triangle in the mix.  And since I’ve read other books by this truly gifted author, I expected her prose to flow on the page.  Well, not only did she mesmerize me with fantastic lines, she did an amazing job weaving the storyline so that readers could take more than just a story with them.  From her stunning female lead, Sarah, to the men who surrounded her, Dusty and Erra, this book shines while shedding a light on several mysteries of life. 
If you’re looking for a read where characters seem to literally jump off the page, then Poppet’s Erra is a must read!  From the sensual allure of Sarah and her incredible chemistry with Dusty, to the conflicts with Erra, sensuality and tension were the norm in this excellent book. 
I just loved how the author revealed Sarah’s emotions, and peeled back with slow clarity, like a blanket revealing a stunningly beautiful goddess, her vulnerabilities.  Erra and Dusty are far more than window dressing.  They provided a substance that rocked Sarah to the core, and along the way, opened the reader’s eyes to what Poppet hopes is a new understanding of this thing we call life. 
Don’t delay! Get the book and prepare to be amazed!

Knight Chills gives Erra 5 out of 5 magical stars!

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  2. I've come across Poppet before and have another of her books in my TBR pile - I think I'll add this one in there too!

    Great review Nomar.

    J x