Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself
by Nomar Knight

     Limits are those things that people like to set for us. Governments set limits. Businesses set limits. Parents set limits. Never allow someone else's idea of what you can do define what you attempt to do. Never permit others to define you. Let your actions, the way you prepare, and the way you carry yourself speak for who you are. 
     As a teacher, I instill confidence in others. I do my best to concentrate on making weaknesses a temporary thing. I believe in the power of a positive mind. Nothing pleases me more than watching students surpass my idea of success. Of course, success depends on the willingness to sweat, to learn, to share knowledge, and to change for the better. 
     As a writer, establishing a road map with small goals that eventually help me accomplish larger goals have lead to some success. Although I must admit, the road to anywhere worth visiting is usually filled with bumps and potholes. The key is to navigate around and through until reaching the desired destination. 
     That's why I say, "Don't believe in limits. Believe in yourself."

Happy driving! 

Nomar Knight

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