Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spirits in a Cemetery by Nomar Knight

Ye who, passing graves by night,
Glance not to the left nor right,
Lest a spirit should arise,
Cold and white, to freeze your eyes...

~James Russell Lowell, "The Ghost-Seer"

Spirits in a Cemetery
By Nomar Knight

The mind claims a trickery of light
To explain ghosts roaming at night
Frozen in a state of awe
Confirmed by a crow's caw
Should you be inclined to run
You'll miss out on all the fun

Cemeteries aren't just for the idle dead
Nor an apparition without a head
When at last you try to move
Scary thoughts kill your groove
If a hand reaches for your booze
The ghost just wants to shmooze

Perhaps he's you're only friend
Since the living only pretend
Share your spirit if you can
For once he was a man
Who sang and drank and bled
But now your new friend's dead

Don't tell a soul of your new mate
They'll insist that ghosts don't date
Secrets are better kept not shared
It's not like you were dared
To stroll upon the solemn grounds
Amidst white shadows and hell hounds

So drink up now and cheers to you
No more loneliness or feeling blue
Two happy drunks are better than one
Who knew that cemeteries were fun
Just be sure to go back home
Lest you become a ghost that roams

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.

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