Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Cost of Staying Safe

The Cost of Staying Safe
By Nomar Knight

     These days it seems that safety for a nation comes at an even greater price than the cost of maintaining an efficient war machine. Unfortunately, basic freedoms have been stolen. Privacy has become a rare commodity. Perhaps the notion that people are free from some kind of "Big Brother" scrutiny is nothing more than a fallacy. Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword. For example, governments rely heavily on their ability to monitor the masses and considering that terrorists managed to wage assaults on a more tranquil way of life, in spite of the enormous efforts to keep people safe, it's not surprising that modern societies must forgo certain freedoms just to survive.
     As if compromising individual identities isn't enough, the bloody aspects of war that used to be relegated to foreign soil has infiltrated the land of the free. Battlefields have extended extreme chaos into neighborhoods that use to emit a decent sense of security. Western civilization is under attack. Recent events throughout the globe have the world on high alert. 
     In addition to the aforementioned freedoms, terrorists have wormed their way into the spotlight they desperately coveted by waging war on freedom of speech. Their blatant attempt at bringing their accustomed suppression to Charlie Hebdo and the people of France has served to unite western civilization. With the rekindling of strong relationships between governments, a rejuvenated sense of brotherhood have forced every citizen living in free nations to accept the grim reality that the cost of staying safe comes with a huge price. The war on terror will take its casualties, burying not only bodies, but privacy as well.  
     Are nations equipped to deal with so many varying threats and are they prepared to survive while allowing some freedoms to die? Only time will tell. 

     Catch you on the dark side.

     Nomar Knight

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