Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Beheading the Beheader

Beheading the Beheader
by Nomar Knight

I came across a tweet today where someone suggested beheading Muslims who don't believe in Jesus Christ. While I in no way applaud the barbaric idea, I do appreciate the right to express an opinion, no matter how insane others may deem it. 

Now, I don't want to debate the notion of religion and what people believe or don't believe. However, I do think the proposal was made out of anger because of recent terrorist events in France. With that in mind, I don't see how wanting to commit an irrational act as a response to insanity would follow the teachings of the Christ. Which is obviously my point. I wonder if I'll ever see the day that human beings stop thrashing each other and just respect their differences. Would we add fuel to fire to put it out? Then the notion of beheading the beheader is a bad idea. Though as a horror writer, it serves as a good writing prompt. 

In summation, beheading anyone in real life for any reason is a terrible idea. Beheading an  executioner in a work of fiction...might be something I'll want to read about. How about you?

Catch you on the dark side. 

Nomar Knight

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  1. I beheaded someone in my work "Descent", but it was a form of euthanasia (sp?). I admit I did it as a form of shock to the reader, but I wanted to introduce that element of horror to my story. :)

  2. A beheading as a mercy killing? Wow! :-O