Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adding Sex to Horror

WARNING: This post contains adult situations and graphic content. Not advisable for anyone under the age of 18.

I don't like to use deception when recruiting souls. Good old honest fornication does the trick.- Book of Tortured Souls

Let’s face it: SEX SELLS. Sometimes when you write a horror story, sprinkling in a steamy scene helps maintain the readers’ interest. I’m not that good at writing raunchy scenes because as some of my erotic writer friends tell me, I hold back too much. Here’s a small sample of one of my attempts to fog up the reading glasses. My protagonist, Lisa, hitches a ride with a young stud. They were both on their way to the same college dance.

Excerpt from “Moon Dance”

Johnnie and I made a dashing entrance. I caught him biting his lips when he spotted my legs flashing through the slits of my red gown. The fine silk hugged my round buttocks making me the envy of everyone present.

As we walked through an air conditioned lobby, my nipples pushed against my dress. I watched his eyes caress my curves. A knowing grin trickled out of my lips as the sting of other admirers added to the frenzy building inside me. From the corner of my eye, I caught him warding off other pups with his glare. I sensed he wanted me all to himself.

He ran his fingers down the small of my back and whispered, "God you're amazing!"

I nibbled his earlobe while he kissed my neck.

"You know my name.” He said, “What's yours?" His thin lips and boyish face added to his charm.

My fingers explored his biceps, then his chest until they settled on his solid abs. I whispered in his ear, "Lisa."

Our feverous exchange made my lips moist with contemplation. With his lips seeking mine, I grabbed my eager escort and led him to the dance floor. Our bodies pulsated to the rhythm of the music, much like war drums of ancient tribes. I found it strange how customs evolved over time. In the old days the males would lead.

The young partygoers stared in disbelief while we swayed as one. A white globe of light highlighted our movements. His muscular arms coddled me while his coarse hands massaged by belly. With the first pulsating shake of my rear, his boy-toy showed signs of life, urging me to rock to the steady rhythm. At one point, I floated in his powerful arms, my porcelain complexion a tantalizing contrast to his bronzed skin.

The heat we generated on the dance floor motivated us to seek refuge in his car. "Let’s go somewhere where we can be alone, darling." I purred.

The moon's glow enhanced his sandy hair. Our eyes connected. Our lips meeting, gentle at first, gave way to a swooping exchange of sweet tongue slapping. His energy pulsed through me like a thousand volts of electricity snagging an unsuspecting critter on a chain-linked fence.

Only the experience of royalty made me swoon in ecstasy with just one kiss. This boy, with the power of a legion of warriors and the robust expertise of his prodding fingers, infused my desire for lust.

Time escaped me while I mounted my savior. I guided his potent weapon inside me and writhed to the rhythm of his beating heart. With each thrust, the moon's supreme glow bathed me with power. As I moaned in exaltation, his heart vibrated through his chest and into mine, making me feel mortal again.

While in a state of frenzy, I whispered, "Do you love me?"

Johnnie stopped and realized something different about me. His eyes sparkled, raising my appetite.

What I enjoyed most about the male creature was that they never used their eyes to see. To Johnnie, my nails were sensual and long, not the sharp talons of a dark goddess.

Before he could give me the inevitable answer of no, I slipped one sharp claw into his neck, spraying his precious liquid over my face. Covered with his essence, I plunged the rest of my lethal digits through until his head dangled on his chest. With my free hand, I grabbed his hair, licked his magnificent hazel eyes and placed his head on the stick shift.

Again I moaned with delight as the moon's grace added to my extensive collection. The night was still young and there were other dances to visit, other boys to devour.

I guess with Lisa, a guy needs more than just stamina. I don’t believe in adding a sex scene to a story unless it’s integral to the tale. I believe the same thing pertaining to gore. In the end, the story is the thing. Give your readers a ride they’ll not soon forget and the souls will come back for more.

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight


  1. When writing with other writers, I find it easier to write erotic scenes. Find I hold back, too, when back in my work. I've been trying to find a balance with steam and not writing porn. Seems more to do with word selection than anything else. Yes? The novel I'm beginning to edit now has a lot more grit and needs me to let go. Argh! I'll never be able to read those scenes without blushing a bright crimson.

  2. Great to know I'm not alone with this since I need to think of my audience always and then I wonder if I crossed a line. Word choice is indeed the key. Thanks for sharing Mary and good luck steaming up your love scenes. ;-)