Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Call for Terror: Your Poetry is Needed

Would you like to be the featured poet of the week on Knight Chills? Submit a poem or two and perhaps you can be the next poet of the week.

Top priority is DARK or HORROR poetry. However, any poem that invokes deep emotions regardless of topic will be given serious consideration. I favor poems with good rhyme and rhythm, but I also like free verse. Limerick’s, haikus and anything on the short side can be considered for inclusion in a future post as a part of a collection.

Poems should not exceed five hundred words.

7 Days of Terror

That’s 7 days of terrorizing talent will be displayed on the week leading up to Halloween.

Here’s the lineup as of today, Sunday September 19, 2010:

Monday October 25th 2010- W.D. Wilcox spins his horrifying tale STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Tuesday October 26th 2010- Tania Walsh places a high price on love in ZOMBIE WALKING

Wednesday October 27th 2010- Five Terrifying Poets (Robin Moyer, Adriana Noir, Carla Ralston, 2 spots yet to be filled)

Thursday October 28th 2010- Carole Gill will tantalize us with THE SONG

Friday October 29th 2010- Nomar Knight loves to hear your SILENT SCREAM

Saturday October 30th 2010- Author yet to be determined

Sunday October 31st 2010- Adriana Noir will put you on the edge of your seat with PHILOMENA

Poetry Submissions should be put on the body of an email to
Come. Fall into my darkness and forever be free!

Nomar Knight


  1. Look forward to reading them all. One more once over for my short and I'll e-mail it to you. ~M

  2. Sounds amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. :)