Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changes by Bren Freeman

By Bren Freeman

How do you change the world, through words or lines
A song of unity or a poetic rhyme
Tell me the course, and I will spread to all ears
I will scream it loudly, for all to hear

Give me the solution to feed all kids
Heal the illnesses and keep hatred hid
Discrimination .... would cease to exist
Prejudice ..... would no longer persist

Tell me the actions, the steps to take
I will shout from mountain tops for everyone's sake
No longer will bombs be killing for peace
Tell me before it is out of reach

Religions are killing in their belief's name
Using our Creator for blame, is there no shame
The One that created the heavens and Earth
That gave each of us our personal birth

If He wanted us dead, He could put an end
To every life if He wanted, He can transcend
Killing in the name of anything, is no excuse at all
Can't even go to a shopping mall

Without someone wanting to destroy or kill
Just to enjoy self-satisfaction, a personal thrill
We all should open our eyes and wake up
That we as humans must make up

Our minds to the future we choose
If we fail, every one will lose
I can tell you how to change the world, this is true
That we need a new value system that all must view
To change the world, to make gray skies blue
It must start with changes in me and you

© Copyright 2010 Bren Freeman. All rights reserved.

Bren Freeman has granted Knight Chills, non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Thank you Bren for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Your words are like magic and inspire us to strive to create a more peaceful world, one person at a time.


  1. Very nice. Sounds very lyrical to me ... like a song.

  2. singing the song of me and you..
    of changes to come that we all be new

    wonderful Bren!!!

  3. I never had a chance to post last night but this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this Bren!

  4. wish I can tell how you can change the world, but man is even incapable of changing himself and it is the only thing creation would want removed.

  5. Absolutely lovely, Bren. And profoundly put!! Well done.