Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Black Creek Crossing by Carla Ralston

As cold dark water rushes by
And storm clouds gather in the sky
The forest waits for winter's chill
The trees stand lifeless, bare and still.

A sad faced man stands by the creek
His shoulders sag; his legs are weak.
As brown leaves fall on cold gray stone,
Black raindrops freeze him to the bone.

He shivers in the icy rain
His lonely heart is filled with pain.
As tears and rain stream down his face,
He says, "I hate this cursed place."

His friends call from the other side,
"Just walk across.  It's not so wide.
Let's leave this place, escape this storm
And find a home that's bright and warm."

The sad faced man just shakes his head.
The raging stream fills him with dread.
The other side seems miles away.
He dares not try. He'll have to stay.

His best friend wades across to him,
Holds out his hand, "I'll help you, Jim.
Together we can walk across
And leave this land of death and loss."

Jim shakes his head and whispers, "No."
His sad friend turns around to go
And as the snowflakes sting Jim's face,
He whispers, "God, I hate this place."

He walks away, choosing to dwell
Here in this cold, familiar Hell,
His frozen heart an empty hole,
A black creek running through his soul.

© Copyright 2010 Carla Ralston. All rights reserved.
Carla Ralston has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Carla's command of traditional poetry is to be admired. Her words definitely bleed on the page. Thank you Carla for sharing your wonderful talent with us. If you want more of Carla Ralston's work you may find it at


  1. I need to go explore your port at wdc!! The best part about this is I could SEE his surroundings, feel the emotions plaguing him! Well done! Excellent choice, Nomar!

  2. Brrr. I could feel that cold water. Loved the interplay of setting with emotion.