Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love Song by Max Griffin

Love Song
By Max Griffin

When our bodies and souls in the darkness of night
Lay together in bed and share rest and repose,
Then do whispers divine and exalted give light
To the life that we share and the love that one knows
Will forever be held in our bosoms and souls.
In the night we are naked, our hearts we reveal.
In our love and our coupling we long to dispose
That great distance between us that love can't repeal.

We first met in the spring when the flowers so bright
Were abloom in their beds, all in careful tableaux.
I was drawn to your beauty and sought to invite
You to join me and stroll in the trees that enclose
That fair glade where we met and where love first arose.
With a touch to my hand and a kiss you did seal
The one love that we share to protect and oppose
That great distance between us that love can't repeal.

As we age, for the span of our lives we do fight
To return to the days of our youth when the rose
Of our love first did bloom and before it took flight.
We are lost in the rush of a living that flows,
Of a life that is spent in the moment. It knows
Little mercy for love that we share, an ordeal
We endure to a song that is harsh, as it shows
That great distance between us that love can't repeal.

How I miss you, my love, both your highs and my lows.
Our two hearts, once so warm, now alone, mine is steel.
I endure to a dirge from the void, one that shows
That great distance between us that death does reveal.

© Copyright 2010 Max Griffin. All rights reserved.
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You get more of the great Max Griffin at his blog.

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