Monday, October 4, 2010

Vengeance is Waiting: Review of Poppet’s DARKROOM

I’ve always marveled at how two people could be looking at or experiencing the same thing and yet their individual perception may cause them to see or feel something different. In the novel, DARKROOM, written by author Poppet, the reader is immersed into a dark world where two characters struggle on opposite ends of society’s spectrum of morality. Her antagonist: Victor Ward epitomizes the ultimate reformer as he attempts to cleanse a woman poisoned by society with their ill conceived ways by using extreme measures to change the protagonist, Shauna Roberts.

Poppet’s DARKROOM had me turning pages and examining not only my beliefs, but how I treat others personally. This novel is more than a struggle of good vs. evil. It is a glimpse into a distorted world which uses the Holy Bible’s scriptures to demonstrate how perception may in fact be lethal and damning. I loved how the author was able to capture both point of views with amazing clarity. Reading about Shauna’s ordeal to survive through horrendous circumstances, reminded me of how we take our freedom to make choices for granted. To be trapped in a world where the perception of reality is altered like a master photographer manipulating the settings in order to achieve the desired effects, added another dimension of creepiness to this book. Poppet’s mastery in showcasing Victor’s warped mind may hit too close to home for some readers. I believe some children are conditioned to accept their parent’s beliefs. Some people call it allegiance to blood ties, I call it brainwashing.

The more I read DARKROOM, the more I recalled quotes from another book, THE BOOK OF TORTURED SOULS, by me. Here are a few quotes to better prepare you for Poppet’s brilliant narration. Take note, these are my words:

Society cultivates its monsters. With its tongue it calls for equality but with its hands it shackles aspirations, condemning itself to a world where darkness rules.

The soul of man is an intricate web of complexity, hiding its true state for fear of discovery.

A human's response to pain is fickle. First you loathe its existence but the more it pricks you, the eager you await its return.

A killer can be born from something as insignificant as squashing a bug. As rationalization feeds into his psyche, acceptance can be nurtured until the heart hardens to the point that violence is tolerated, eventually welcomed, then craved.

Vengeance is a double-edged sword which leaves the target skewered and its rider tainted forever.

The process of knowing thy self is a trying journey, filled with marvel and misery.

I implore you to read Poppet’s DARKROOM for in the process of doing so you may discover things about yourself. Yes she entertains. Yes she dazzles with marvelous scenes of sensuality and erotica. Yes, Poppet’s mastery of psychological horror is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, I promise that upon completing her book, you will be aware or recall that life isn’t always what it seems and that some nightmares are better left to bleed on the pages like they do in DARKROOM.

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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  1. Thank you Nomar. It's a fabulous review and looks great :D

  2. It's my pleasure, Poppet. Your book is awesome and you rock!