Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Face of Death by Ranee Dillon

The Face of Death
By Ranee Dillon
I walk along the crimson path
whistling a merry tune.
Quickened is my beating heart
the end will find me soon.
The gnashing of his razor claws
finds me in the dark.
A piercing scream greets the night
the creature hits his mark.
As the reaper pulls me near
the crimson river flows.
In the silence of the night
the darkness slowly grows.
I feel him moving ever near
he’s sure to take a bite.
My body shudders at the thought
at his fearsome sight.
The face of death is one I know
I watch my love in fear.
My body shudders once again
as he whispers in my ear.
“My love, your soul shall nourish me
for many years to come.
But first, your flesh, I will taste
before the deed is done.”
I feel the tearing of my skin
with it breaks my heart.
Together forever, my love and I,
the two shall never part.

© Copyright 2010 Ranee Dillon. All rights reserved.
Ranee Dillon has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work. 

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  1. I love this. There were one or two things I noticed that stuck out & broke the rhythm, but the core of this - the images, the idea behind it, the words you chose - all those things that really give a poem its strength...I loved them.
    If it matters, it was the use of double at at, and the lines "the face of death is one I know I watch my love in fear." I had to read them twice b/c of the lack of a pause, but...other than that? Well done.

  2. Oh my Gawd! That was great. Also loved the picture but even withoug the words paint their own picture.