Monday, October 18, 2010

Witness: The Last Exorcism

“A troubled evangelical minister, Reverend Cotton Marcus (played by Patrick Fabian) agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew.”

Director Daniel Stamm stays true to the movies’ documentary style viewing. If you like watching first person in-your-face movies then you may be entertained by this one. I liked how the preacher set out to expose exorcisms for being fraudulent attempts made by the church in order to keep its flock in line. I liked his reasons for becoming a crusader for truth and I enjoyed how when faced with the girl’s unusual behavior, he tried to steer her father into getting the girl medical (mental) help. As I understand it, in order for you to be able to cast out demons, you must be a believer and this preacher sure wasn’t.

Now, I didn’t like the underlying explanation that was given for the girl’s condition near the end of the movie. Also, even though I found the twist at the end to be interesting, it had a low believability factor for me.

Bottom line: if you like horror and documentaries, you should give this one a look, but if you’re looking for something with more substance, wait for it to hit cable TV.

Knight Chills gives THE LAST EXORCISM 2 1/2 kills out of a possible 5.

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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  1. Good to know.

    I recently saw Evil Dead the musical. Not scary, but hysterical. Need to get my clothes dry cleaned because of the blood spatter.