Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hope's Lingering Demise by Krysha Mayer

Hope's Lingering Demise by Krysha Mayer

Hope lingers as
Icy cold water touches my toes
As I remember passionate throes
Your loving arms surrounded me
In your embrace, I flew free

Still, hope lingers as
Salty water swirls above my knees
Reminding me of your lips tease
I lift my face to the darkened sky
Wishing you hear my final goodbye

Still, hope lingers as
Freezing water teases my thighs
As I await my ultimate demise
Remembering the touch of your lips
And that of your soft fingertips

Still, hope lingers as
Foamy surf envelopes my hips
Wondering where you hid the scripts
Your heart, I was determined to chase
But I had already been replaced

Still, hope lingers as
Water wraps around my waist
Much how your arm embraced
Send me on a redeemable quest
I would surely win any contest

Still, hope lingers as
The ocean gently lifts my breast
Cold touch causing heart’s arrest
My eyes search, one last check
Before I end this sad, sad trek

Still, hope lingers as
Looming peace reaches my neck
My heart a shoreline shipwreck
Nothing but silent darkness ahead
Hearing whispered words you said

Still, hope lingers as
The surf now swirling above my head
One last salty tear is shed
Like the fragile petals of a rose
I only needed love to grow

A peaceful death is my prize
After hope’s lingering demise.

© Copyright 2010 Krysha Mayer. All rights reserved.

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  1. Nice imagery as the character goes deeper into the water & clings to hope.