Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Death by Treachery by Brad Howington

House so dark, and full of death,
The bodies of the ignorant will never rest,
The fear in your mind will come to play,
As the young girl dies…someday

One candle in the dark,
One ghost down the hall,
One teardrop falls.
What is the young girl to do?

She runs to her mother’s bedroom, bloodstains on the carpet,
Looks as though her mother put up quite a struggle.

She walks down the stairs, her father on the floor, shotgun
In hand, stab wound to the neck.

“Leave this house, never look back.”
Should it have came to that?

House so dark, and full of death,
The bodies of the ignorant will never rest,
The fear in your mind will come to play,
As the young girl dies…someday.

The dead will come to haunt,
Make you do things that you would not of thought,
With this comes pain,
For your family, died in vain.

The bodies on the floor,
Blood, in a pour,
Death, feels ever more.

Ghosts come from the walls, demons take your soul,
Your lifeless body lays to rot,
As they play with your mind.
Now you question if you’re dead or alive.

You dig your way to the surface,
Dirt under your fingernails.

You wander about the courtyard,
You see the ghouls and goblins feeding on a presence,
You can’t contain yourself, so you go for it.
The blood tastes so good,
Now you can’t run…
You’re consumed by your desire.

You awake to the young girl you thought you once were.
In your head you dream up what you have just done.
The death of your family was a sacrifice,
You were in complete control…
Now it is time for the grim reaper to steal your soul.
Your heart on the floor, clinched in his hands,
You’re thinking, “why such an evil man?
What have I done to divert his plans?
Will what I feel ever go away?
Or will he stay in my heart and mind, for another day?”

You succumb to the pain and misery you face,
To be his little girl, part of his race.
He asked for your hand, in holy blood.
He’s done it to you…
Now you are overwhelmed,
He took everything that you held to ground,
He took your fright, he took your pain,
For your family never died in vain.

Your family’s last wish was for their little girl, to become one, with the deity of four.
It was you, your mother, your father and grim,
They took your life, to pleasure them.

It is over, you’ve fallen too deep,
You can’t get rid of them, they left you weak.
All left to do now, is weep…

You’ve learned a lesson of honor and trust…
“Never trust a soul, they just leave you to dust.“

© Copyright 2010 Brad Howington. All rights reserved.
Brad Howington has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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