Friday, October 22, 2010

Invitation to Terror

Invitation to Terror

Nomar Knight and friends invite you to join us.

Where: Knight Chills

When: Halloween Week 2010 (October 25, 2010 - Oct. 31, 2010)

What: 7 Days and Nights of Terror

Who: All who love horror

Why: We all have to die someday. Why not scream for us. We promise we can cure your splitting head-ache.

The slick halls of Knight Chills will be filled with fright—day and night. The 7 Days of Terror begin with the great W.D. Wilcox as he escorts you to his STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. If you manage to somehow escape his tight grip, Tuesday you’ll have to make room for Tania Walsh’s ZOMBIE WALKING. Assuming you’re able to come out of hiding and muster enough courage to trek onward, Wednesday will bombard your senses with six master poets. The assault begins with Robin Moyer’s CAROUSEL TO HELL. But before you can catch your breath, Adriana Noir will chase you with THE HUNTER. I guarantee you would rather lose a limb than let him catch you. Just when you think all is well and you are safe; Karla Ralston will send her SHADOW PEOPLE after you.

By now you must be thinking, how long are these halls of Knight Chills? Believe me when I tell you that your mind will focus only on survival for Max Griffin will send his version of The MONSTER after you. But if you outsmart one creature, Lisa McCourt Hollar will introduce you to EVIL first hand. And just in case you manage to escape the halls of Knight Chills, Ranee Dillon will send THE DARK RIDER to hunt you down, tie you up and drag you to our dungeon of torture.

Once inside the inner folds of our mansion, on Thursday Carole Gill will mesmerize you with beautiful horror. Her extraordinary tale, THE SONG, will lull you into a false sense of safety, but only for a little while for you will scream long after you’ve read her prose. Understanding how you will be out of breath, Nomar Knight will make sure you have a fun Friday by distorting reality with a witch’s brew until only you and he can hear your SILENT SCREAM.

Ah, so much fun and yet the day we’ve been waiting for has yet to arrive. So Max Griffin returns, howling with his hair-raising tale, MR MOON, SHINE ON ME. And at last just when you think you can take the candy, sprint up the stairs and burst out the door, Adriana Noir will break your mind with PHILOMENA.

This is where I’m supposed to wish you a happy Halloween, but at Knight Chills, the best Halloween is the scariest one. So reattach the face you call a mask, take your severed head you think is a pumpkin basket and get ready for 7 Days and Nights of Horror like you’ve never experienced before.

You bring the screams we’ll bring the treats. We’ll be waiting…for YOU!

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  1. Awesome... can't wait to scare myself silly...:)