Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. Moon: Shine on Me by Max Griffin

Mr. Moon: Shine on Me 

     Mr. Moon is full tonight. I can just see him if I stand on the table by my bed, on my tippy-toes.  When you stand like that, you can look out of the basement window and see our backyard.  I pull on my chains so I can see Mr. Moon better.  He's just sneaking over Mr. Wolfson's roof next door, just like he's playing peek-a-boo.  I don't play peek-a-boo anymore.  That's for babies.  Mr. Wolfson used to let me play with his puppy, though.  He's nice to me.  His puppy gave me kisses sometimes.

      My swing set is in the backyard.  It's all shiny in the moonlight.  It looks real pretty when Mr. Moon shines on it.  I wish Mr. Moon would shine on me.

      I wish I could play on my swing set.  But not tonight.  Mr. Moon is full tonight.

      It's real scary when Mr. Moon is full.  They scare me when there's a full moon.  They always chain me in the basement on those nights.  Sometimes they hit me, too.  They're real scary when Mr.Moon is full.

      My legs hurt where they hit me.  Standing on tippy-toe makes my legs hurt the worst.  My chains clank when I lay back down on my bed. I hug Mr. Bear.  It's cold in the basement tonight.  The wind is blowing outside, like my whistle that Daddy threw away because I blew on it too much and it hurt his ears.  It's cold and I can't reach my covers.  They're far away, on the floor across the basement.  I tried to get them but the chains bit  my leg and choked me so bad I couldn't reach them. 

      I wish they didn't make me stay here, but they said I was bad.  They hit me and put the chains on me and said I was a very, very bad little boy.  They must be right.  They're my mommy and daddy. I try to be good.  Cross my heart!

      When they hit me, I cried and cried. I screamed when they carried me down here. I even hit Daddy.  But they didn't care.  I don't know why Mommy and Daddy hate me.  I hug Mr. Bear tighter. Mr. Bear loves me.

      The floor creaks from Mommy and Daddy walking around upstairs.  They're yelling again.  Sometimes I think Mommy and Daddy hate each other, too.  I'm afraid Daddy might leave again.  He left once for days and days but then he came back.  Mommy cried when he left.  She hugged me when she cried.  That was nice; she gives good hugs.

      But then she chained me in the basement and told me I was bad and hit me.

      Daddy was gone for the longest time when he left.  I was scared.  Mommy said we didn't have enough to eat.  Then Daddy came back.  He didn't have any food, but Mommy hugged him and kissed him anyway.  He was all hairy and Mommy made him shave.  She said he looked like an animal.  I don't know why she said that. Daddy didn't look at all like Mr. Wolfson's puppy.  He put the shaving cream on my face and shaved me, too.  We both giggled.  That was fun, to giggle with Daddy.

      They're yelling again. I don't understand what they're saying.  It's all my fault.  They must be fighting about me.  There's a growling sound, too.  It can't be Mr. Wolfson's puppy.  He made growly sounds sometimes, but he doesn't come in our back yard any more.

      It's so cold and my legs ache. My side hurts, too. Why did they hit me? Why are they yelling at each other?  Now Mommy is screaming at Daddy.  Daddy screams back. I think they maybe broke some dishes. I hope they aren't the ones that Grandma gave us.  Grandma is nice to me. She loves me.  She never hits me or locks me in the basement.

      Mr. Moon's face is in the window now. He's shining right on me, here in the basement.  I don't need to climb on my table anymore to see him.  I don't like it when Mr. Moon is full.  They scare me and hit me when Mr. Moon is full. 

      They shout some more.  Then a door slams real loud, and a car starts and drives away.  Mommy is crying.  Her sobs sound all echo-y in the register above my head.  I'm scared that Daddy has left again.  Maybe if I go upstairs and kiss her, she'll love me and hug me. I think I can slip the chains off, now that Mr. Moon has shined on me.  Maybe if I trot to the top of the stairs and scratch at the door, Mommy will open it and let me kiss her.

      I'm nearly done changing now.  I almost always change when Mr. Moon is full. He has to shine on me, though, or I don't change.  I look just like Mr. Wolfson's puppy now.  Poor puppy!  Last month, when Mr. Moon was full, I got out and ate him. 

© Copyright 2010 Max Griffin. All rights reserved. 
Max Griffin has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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