Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Anniversary by Summerlyn Guthrie

Talking to herself, she sat alone in the dark
with a tear streaming down her pale cheek.
A full year had gone by since his fateful embark
on his last tour of duty in Mozambique.

"My dear husband," she said weeping in clear disbelief
of her dearly departed Howard.
"I sit here with a flag from the Commander in Chief
that proves you were no coward."

She patted it as if it were his back
and tears flowed down even more.
"They gave you Medals of Honor with this plaque
that read, "A Marine to the core."

Howard meant much more to his grieving wife.
He was very kind, gentle and sweet.
With him by her side there was never strife
and because of him, she felt complete.

Today, however, marked another special day.
It was Twenty-five years ago they had been wed.
The same day another Marine came over to say
that her husband was now dead.

Special note

I dedicate this poem to those who have lost a loved one fighting in the name of "freedom", anywhere in the world.

© Copyright 2010 Summerlyn Guthrie. All rights reserved.

Summerlyn Guthrie has granted Knight Chills, non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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  1. Woww! this is heart wrenchin. thx Nomar 4 sharin that. luv ya, Laura Lee

  2. It is but a glimpse into the mind of a widow who lost another part of herself when her husband sacrificed all for our country. Thanks for commenting, Laura Lee. :-)