Monday, September 13, 2010

Chupa Cabra: Friend or Foe

Let’s put aside any personal feelings we may have about the existence of the creature called the Chupa Cabra. Eyewitness reports have more or less described a creature about four feet in height with a canine or boar’s snout and black in color. Some witnesses claimed the creature can fly and has wings. Regardless of sightings that seem to be seasonal in nature throughout warm climate locations, the possibility of the beast being a hybrid of some kind has ignited creative interpretations which have turned the beast into a legend.

I have personally interviewed two people who claim to have encountered the strange creature that others deemed the Chupa Cabra. One man came face to face with the terrifying creature while working in a dairy. The other heard a commotion in his yard, expecting to ward off thieves. Imagine his surprise upon discovering the culprit wasn’t human. I promise to detail these accounts in a short story that I’ll submit to a new medium called Chupacabra Magazine. In the meantime, I’d like to share a rumor I heard a few years ago.

Why the Chupa Cabra Doesn’t Attack Humans

In beautiful Puerto Rico, under a cloak of darkness, a drunk who worked in a dairy farm fell asleep. He awoke yelling and cursing because something bit his neck. A noise coupled with a stinging pain, set off his internal alarm that something malicious stood near. He discovered a wound as some blood stained his fingers. He rose from the chair with flashlight in hand and discovered a black creature with red angry eyes backing away from him. The drunk noted that in spite of his height advantage, his instincts were to retreat as well, too stunned to take his eyes off the strange creature, he said, “What are you?”

Their encounter was brief because instead of the beast charging at the man, it appeared to ascend into the trees. At first he thought it was a monkey, but the more he tried to recall the creature’s features, the more he understood, nothing like it was known to man. Nevertheless, the encounter left the man with two puncture wounds in his neck.

His boss arrived with the rising sun and when he examined the frighten man’s wounds, chuckled. “Looks like you got bitten by a vampire bat.”

They made light of the event until they spotted a cow lying on the ground. It wasn’t long before they discovered the cow was lifeless and had two puncture wounds similar to the drunkard. When they sliced open the cow they discovered it was drained of all its blood.

Rumor has it that because the Chupa Cabra attacked an alcoholic, it dislikes the taste of man and that’s why it hasn’t attacked another human since.

Of course, the rumor cannot be collaborated, but like myths, it is entertaining to the rest of us. I’m sure the drunkard would disagree with our assessment. So next time you’re in the wilderness. Watch out for the creature with the devil’s eyes. You may come face to face with the legendary Chupa Cabra.

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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  1. We've had those cattle mutilations out here - at the base of the mountain where I work. I keep looking for yeti and aliens. For sure, I'll be inventing my own. Aren't these stories of creatures and all great?