Monday, February 7, 2011

Time To Let Go!

Time to let go!
By Nomar Knight

Time to let go
Patience runs thin
It's only human
No more tolerating
Broken promises

Deception and Treachery
Hold violent arms
Seekers of change
Should never
Have to pay
The ultimate price

Bloodshed roams
While the people cry
Why must it always be
A struggle for freedom
Democracy's painful gift
Allow it to happen

Let go of your power
And prove to the world
You care for your kind
Mercy for mercy
Is the least they deserve
In the end unity wins

There's true power
In knowing when to quit
Don't flex might
Or waste shows of strength
Bow out with grace
And let a nation grow

This is my message to those who benefit from oppressing people.  Yes, it is inspired by current events in Egypt.  However, it applies in so many other places around the world.  Enough is enough!  Let nations grow and surround the world with peace. 

Let's leave the dark side for fiction. 

Let's all be the light this world needs. 


Nomar Knight

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills presentation.

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  1. Really touching piece.

    Fiction is where the dark side belongs.