Monday, February 14, 2011

Heaven Sent You by Nomar Knight

Heaven Sent You by Nomar Knight

I'm not one to conform to the masses in that I like to think I'm capable of being romantic all year round.  (Looks around and waits for someone to disagree.) Whew!  Anyway, I decided to treat my wonderful Knight Chills readers to a little poem I penned some time ago. From my heart to yours.

Heaven Sent You
By Nomar Knight

Heaven sent you to me I could tell
By the way your eyes caress my soul
Loving orbs mirror an angel's gaze
A radiance beautifies bringing peace

Your loving smile erases all doubt
Like innocence cradled in nurturing arms
Fear no longer resides inside me
For the urge to protect oozes through your pores

Your silken mane smothers away insecurity
Just as an angelic light restores peace
In a troubled soul filled with ancient fallacies
With you by my side I'm reborn

Together we can walk on steps of light
Extinguishing hell's spawned trifles
For the glory of two become one
Lifting our newfound love back home

Heaven sent you to me I could tell
For man's burden no longer burns
And fear runs away from the unified
Strengthening our bond for all eternity

Posted for week 33 on One Stop Poetry

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills poem.


  1. Most of your poetry is very romatic and passionate. Food for the soul. :)

  2. lovely...i am sure it touched the heart of the one to whom it was intended...very romantic...

  3. Gorgeous and uplifting words. You are a very romantic soul indeed.

  4. Hi Nomar

    I enjoyed it throughly...
    Good one...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay