Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's In A Name? by NOMAR Knight

What's in a Name?

What's in a name?
By Nomar Knight

Doesn't  matter I try to comply
Bound by rules of the game
Hoping my words satisfy
Praying they don't come out lame

Maybe to you we're all the same
Players of words and themes
Illusionists to treat like a frame
Purveyors of fantasies and schemes

Nevermind I bleed on a page
Grasping words as if from thin air
Not some lion in a cage
But a prince trapped in despair

If my work brings you pleasure
Or intrigues your mind's eye
Then why not treat it like treasure
Let's avoid saying goodbye

A misprint once or twice
Is human I admit
But more than thrice
Just doesn't fit

Your cool Mag does its part
And ya'll do a great job
But these misprints break my heart
Makes me choke back a sob

So please no more Normar
Nor Norman or whatever
This Knight is called NOMAR
I'm a dark poet not a whoever 

I believe all experiences can lead to good things.  In my case, the editor of one of my favorite online magazines, SNM Horror Magazine, seems to have difficulty with my first name.  They've been kind enough to publish some of my poems, but somehow, they tend to get my name wrong.  While I haven't thrown a fit, nor have I thrown knives at anyone, nor have I tortured anyone because of this infraction, I do appreciate that this experience has led to me doing what I love best.  Hence, I wrote this poem.  

To show there are no hard feelings on my part, I include a link to their fine magazine and my latest poem, Chains of Damnation.  Enjoy my poem and all the others.  Enjoy their great stories and amazing art.  And please do subscribe to their newsletter.  They do great work and amazingly, are still free.  

And yes, if you scroll down to my poem, you will find that my name is spelled correctly as of this writing.  Thank you Mr. Editor. ;-)  And thank you Kerry Morgan.  

This poem is also showcased for OneStopPoetry


  1. ha. yeah that sucks when you get published and then realise its not even your name, i only laugh cause i know your pain...nice one shot

  2. Like I've always said, your work is so good- real quality- but for the part I played by not checking the final link- I will await to be flogged- you've earned that much at least ;)
    Most sincerely;

  3. Dude, sorry to hear about the misprints. Tight write on the poem though. Excellent flow

  4. My first visit to your pages and I'm very glad I stopped by :-) Will be back for more.

  5. Nomar, typos can be tough. I enjoyed your words and thanks for the link. I'll check them out!

  6. Congrats on getting your poetry out there. :-) As far as the name, I totally understand. With a name like Koreen, I've had some interesting spellings.

  7. Enjoyable, clever, relatable piece.