Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deaths Recompense by Jezri

Deaths Recompense by Jezri

Alas, my good friend and talented horror writer, Jezri, visits Knight Chills and leaves some disturbing images for us.

Deaths Recompense
By Jezri

The walls shivered, breathing with life,
Long dead limbs trembling as they stirred,
Scraping partitions that confined,
Two lovers unjustly interned.

Over the year their anger had grown,
Bones decaying, seething with hate,
Whilst bugs feasted on rotting remains,
They silently waited their time to sate,

Their fury penetrated their confines,
Creating a fissure to escape their grave,
They pushed against the crumbling wall,
Hungry for the vengeance that they craved.

A horde of bugs spilled out before them,
Announcing their arrival from hell,
As horrified, their assassin watched,
Knowing retribution had rung its bell.

She raged as her husband stumbled forth,
His arms reaching for where he would find
Her treacherous heart, unmoving and cold
His mistress following close behind.

Empty eye sockets teaming with worms,
Maggots feasting on flesh and bone,
She screamed as they advanced,
Demanding her life death must atone. 

 Feel free to visit her blog Jezri's Nightmares. You'll soon see that Jezri rocks!

© Copyright Jezri 2011. All rights reserved. 
Jezri has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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