Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Knight's Reflection: New York City

A Knight’s Reflection: New York City
Photo taken by Hilda Feliciano

It seems like every day I must decide if the glass is half full or half empty.  While I understand an optimist sees the bright side of things, life has a way of dragging us down and with it, conjures feelings of lost opportunity.  I wonder if the source of my melancholy mood is my return to my old stomping grounds, New York City. 
Pitt St. Pool: Photo taken by Hilda Feliciano

Born and raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I returned to find lots of changes, yet many things remained the same.  The daily struggles New Yorkers live with seem to me unnecessary for I know there are other states where the daily grind is filled with fewer obstacles.  I guess the fact the last year I lived here, old man winter reared his ugly head and now I find myself negotiating snow filled streets after the blizzard of 2010; my spirits are a bit down.  My inability to see more of my family members is another reason for me to sulk.  

South Street Seaport: Photo taken by Nomar Knight

Another factor dragging my spirits is that as of this writing, my journey is coming to an end, and I will have to wait before I can see my parents again.  On the bright side, I can eat less and hopefully lose some of the weight I packed on since arriving to mom’s good old home cooking.  Oh well, thank goodness for the internet where I do keep in touch with at least some of my family members.  

At one point in time I thought I wanted to return to this great state to live, but I know now that my destiny lies elsewhere.  Puerto Rico, where I currently reside, may not be my final destination, but at least the weather is great.  

I’d like to take this time to apologize to my readers for not being able to get to the next installment of Burning Love.  I’ll try and post it no later than next week.  According to the media, my travels should be a living nightmare with all the cancellations due to the inclement weather.  Perhaps I can use the extra time waiting to write something great, or maybe spend another day with my family.  

Yes, I prefer to see the cup as half full.

Thank you Knight Chills readers for making this blog a pleasure to write. 

See you on the dark side and do try to stay warm.

Nomar Knight

A special thank you to Hilda Feliciano for sharing two of these New York City pictures.

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  1. I was just in NYC in November - I lived there after college for several years. I miss the museums.

    I must say, I find the shot of Puerto Rico very inspiring. Safe travels home.