Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Radiance Blooming in the Night by Jezri

Radiance Blooming in the Night by Jezri

Radiance Blooming In The Night
by Jezri

He cried, weeping at her beauty,
As she slept beneath the moonlight,
Her hair, a halo around her face,
Radiance Blooming in the night.

Snow fell, gently kissing her cheeks,
Caressing her alabaster skin,
And melting against her perfect lips,
The soft flakes resting upon chin.

He watched, silently in awe,
Of the perfection he perceived,
Forgiving her deceptive ways,
In the splendor Death achieved.

Into her final resting place,
Beneath the willow tree,
He laid her in the grave he’d dug,
Betwixt the other three.

Then following the tree lined path,
He hurried home to her,
His new love waiting there for him,
Who held his hearts allure.

Until the day that always comes,
When her beauty fades away,
And imperfection comes to light,
Revealing deceptions sway.

Then she’ll join the others,
Where beauty can once more bloom,
In the grove of Willow trees
Preserved within her tomb.

© Copyright 2010 Jezri. All rights reserved.
Jezri has granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work. 

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  1. Watch out for this gifted writer. I believe she's found her niche. Jezri is excellent not only with her magical poetry, but her story telling Rocks too! Thanks for making an appearance on Knight Chills, Jezri. :-)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful exposure!

  3. It's my pleasure, Jezri. Er, Lady Knight of Darkness. :-)

  4. Wow, this is excellent! Very talented indeed. :)

  5. Excellent! I really enjoy reading your work, Jezri. I only hope that I can entertain you and your kids as much as you entertain me. xo