Thursday, December 23, 2010

You're Hateful by Bernadette Marie

You're Hateful 
By Bernadette Marie

You're Hateful
You suck the joy from those around you-
Twisted, tortured mind.
Seeking always opportunity to crush,
and control-
never looking at what's behind.

Your soul exists in a place,
where the sun is screened
by the smoke of hatred...
Demented thoughts and lies
flow freely in your veins.
A vortex for a heart-space.
Breathing in with every breath,
all the evil that surrounds you-
Bathes your soul in darkness,
your comfort-place.

Speak the words that are the opposite-
Think your horrid thoughts.
But don't ever think that I can't see you,
in your true, dark-clad trough! 
© Copyright Bernadette Marie 2010. All rights reserved. 
Bernadette Marie granted Knight Chills non-exclusive rights to display this work.
Bernadette is a gifted poet with a very dark muse. (Evil Grin) In spite of her dark side she's a fun gal who likes to make others laugh. An avid reader of Knight Chills, please feel free to leave your comments for the lovely poet. 

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