Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hardships of Time by Nomar Knight

Hardships of Time
By Nomar Knight

There's loneliness in the air
I can't see it
But it weighs heavy on my conscience
Perhaps love is an illusion
A trick of emotion

The desire to shed tears
Consumes me
But it goes against my conditioning
Mortal fools
Wreak emotional havoc
Stunting growth
Tears do cleanse the soul.

I pray ye won't reveal
My secret
Crystal drops fall
Sobs steal my breath
This aching heart
Consumed with one burden
Do you exist to love me?
I am one.

A lifeless wonder with a beating heart
Loneliness suffocates hope
My other half
Lost to me
By a quirk of fate
Oh how I hate thee
Time monger

As the night moves on
I grow crazy
Knowing that someone else
May be caressing your face
If I could only break
These chains of uncertainty

I would alas breathe in your scent
And gain strength
From your heavenly
Your mere presence
Would erase all hardships of time

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2010. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills presentation.
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  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking. I know this jealousy and doubt all too well. This is a very deep and mesmerizing poem that showcases your unique way with words.

  2. Wow, very powerful. Great writing. I love it.

  3. This is the first piece of your writing that I've read and this will bring me back for more :-)

  4. Beautifully haunting words. Thanks for sharing on One Stop!

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  5. Another powerful poem from you deep well of creative talent. :)

  6. Thank you ladies. You are all most kind.

  7. Amazing, very beautiful , and powerful poem. It evokes so many emotions. Thanks for sharing.