Monday, December 13, 2010

Timeless Lovers Dance by Ranee Dillon and Nomar Knight

Here’s a poem initiated by Ranee Dillon on twitter as her words served to inspire me.  This is our volley of words, bleeding from our poetic essence and now on the pages of Knight Chills.

Timeless Lovers Dance
By Ranee Dillon and Nomar Knight


Can you hear the call of my heart?
Though bruised it is not broken
It lies in wait for your words to waken
The dreamer slumbering within my soul


Yes I hear your heart.
Neither bruised nor broken
It beats the sustenance called life
Awakening this dreamer to your kind soul


I am lost in soulful words
Moving my heart to tears
Teary smiles


Ah, to kiss those tears away
To be lost in your soulful gaze
Balance restoring
For together—our hearts—join as one


Beating a melody
Caught on the wind
Together we fall into the stars
Lost in a timeless lovers dance
The universe echoes our love


Sweetest of sounds
Your voice mimics the cry of angels
Covering us in a vortex
Abandoned by time
A world smiles


As the light of two souls spirit the sky
Flowing with the Northern lights
A prismic painted vision
Of passions wake


Lustful shivers course through my veins
Blinding light feeding desire
Until your warm touch
Tantalizes our heavenly unification


In bliss, I lose my tender heart
To a touch that burns my skin
Captured— I cannot think or breathe
I’ll hold you now within


With each caress, I lose myself
As I bask in your voluptuous scent
A fire burning deep within
My senses alive as if for the first time

© Copyright Ranee Dillon 2010 and Nomar Knight 2010. All rights reserved. A Knight Chills presentation.
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  1. An erotic dance of word skill and grace, mesmerizing on it's heat! A unbelieviable demonstration of poetic command.

  2. Wow! Mighty kind words Sean. What can I say, Ranee is an awesome talent. :)

  3. I truly enjoyed writing with you. Nomar is so talented. His command of language and ability to evoke such vivid imagery and emotion took my breath away. Thank you so much for posting the volley. I look forward to more inspired writing in the future.

  4. How incredibly erotic and darkly romantic.
    J x

  5. Great collaboration

    Nice to meet you Nomar

    also would love you to try something like this at One Stop Poetry
    we open up the forum Tuesday nights
    if you submitted a poem this week only it will be considered for an anthology that is being published in the spring - please feel welcome any time

  6. Awww, lovely! I stopped at this part: a world smiles. It's like you guys are in this bubble out of time, dreaming and dancing and loving, it's marvelous! *sniffs*