Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Share the Light by Nomar Knight

Share the Light
By Nomar Knight

You are my flower
With sweetened fragrance
Charmed by delight
Sashaying into my thoughts
A welcomed invader
Softening this hard shell

Silk petals caress
Charred face
Erasing all memory of burning flame
Making me feel
Human again

I open eager arms
While you harness heat
From the giver of life
Daughter of sun
Shine your light
On this undeserving fool

The stem which sustains you
Feeds love into my heart
I long to suckle
In your sweet nectar
For only your juice
Can release me from this prison

Look not into my dark soul
And merge your innocence
With my lost reality
Share the light
Without it
I’ll grow old

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2010. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills presentation.


  1. A passionate and lustful imploring, with a hint of darkness tinging the edges of your words. Strong descriptions and flow - solid writing here.

  2. A chivalric plea of fancy for love. It has style, it has grace, but it needs a bit more in the way of self confidence as a suitor...methinks. Well written. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  3. Your poetic sentiments of longing for love and letting life pass by without it is very powerful.

  4. Like the juxtaposition of 'innocense' with burned / 'jaded'. The plea is powerful. Great poem. :)

  5. i like what dusts says...i enjoyed this and loved the look of the blog...thanks for sharing pete

  6. Chivalrous longing, passion deep wtihin this lost dark soul. Penetrating piece.

  7. the longing could be felt in your words and i really like how you end it ..without it i'll grow old - this is so plain, so honest and non-theatrical yet full of life and desire - i just love it

  8. Thank you my friends. You are all very kind.