Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Evil Side of Impulse

The Evil Side of Impulse
By Nomar Knight

We all make hundreds of decisions every day without thinking about the consequences.  Perhaps it’s because most of the decisions produce a desired result.  It starts with deciding on whether or not we want to get out of bed, to practicing good hygiene, to nourishing our bodies by fulfilling a desire.  (Tea, or coffee?)
What about crucial decisions?  What would happen if you’re on a crowded bus and an imbecile rushes to the only seat available, and allows a mother carrying a newborn to remain standing?  My impulse would be to grab the dude by his throat, and slam him against the doors with the hope that they’ll open, and he’ll drop into oncoming traffic.  (I know.  I may have anger issues).  Of course, what I’d probably do is get the others to rally around me and try and talk some sense into the insensitive clod.  If peer pressure doesn’t work, then I’m sure a kind person would be more than happy to give up their seat.  Naturally, my impulse would then be to follow the guy, and arrange for a serious “accident” to occur.  (It’s probably a horror writer thing).
There’s a mechanism in our brains that won’t allow us to act on our destructive side—our violent impulses.  That’s technically a good thing or jails would be even more overpopulated. 
Cheers to maintaining our peaceful side, but don’t be afraid, if the situation calls for it, to let the bad boy/girl out. 

Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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