Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Judging Without Knowing by Ashley Morales

Judging Without Knowing
by Ashley Morales

Judging without knowing
Who are you to be deciding
Who’s good and who’s not
Based on where they come from

Shame should fall upon you
For not having a clue
Of the pain you can cause others
Just because of their colors

How can you judge a whole race of people
Based on your ignorant views that are awful
A race that thinks itself higher does not belong
In this world since it is so wrong

What does it all matter
It will just make you dumber
We are all human, one race
That feels, hurts, and loves without disgrace

Why make others suffer because of plain ignorance
Ending all in dead silence
Starting wars and ending lives
Because of selfish motives

In the end what was it all for
All the uproar
Because of a flag and sense of pride to a nation
Hate has been spread without reason

Thank you Ashley for being my guest blogger today.  Ashley is one of my current students and she wrote this reacting to one of my flash stories titled, Hate Breed.  Isn't she talented?  She's also a fine artist as well.  

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