Monday, September 12, 2011

A Feast Of Horror: Meet J.G. Williams

Have you ever wondered what it's like to watch your nightmares unfold while you're still awake?  Author J.G. Williams has penned horror stories that promise to make your blood run cold.  The book is titled, A Feast of Horror and it's a horror connoisseur's delight.  Experience firsthand how J.G. Williams' tales of fright will have you delaying your bedtime.  Here's an excerpt from her website:  

Flavored with horror, blood and a dash of humor, the plot twists will have you squirming on the edge of your seat. A Feast of Horror offers an eerie compilation of lust, revenge, evil children, craziness and more, written as short horror stories and poetry. Each entry presents a different nightmare brought to life.
In one story, Emelia is a beautiful child who is a model, but she has some secrets, including her joy for killing animals.  Then there’s Sophie, who loves to cook, especially something explosive.  And beware Maniac Clown, who could be attending your child’s birthday party.  Ask for your very own ghostly chaperone when you read these eerie tales. 

   So don't delay friends and get your copy now! You can order A Feast of Horror here. 

This has been a Knight Chills Book Promotion. 

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