Thursday, September 15, 2011

A High Octane Ride: Bipedal by Yvonne Bishop

A High Octane Ride: Bipedal by Yvonne Bishop

What would you do if in the midst of a terrible accident, your victim changes your life forever?  What if everything you believed in is shattered and another world overwhelms you to the point, you’ll never be the same again?  That’s what Yvonne Bishop’s protagonist, Phoenix, is forced to contend with at such blazing speed that she has no time to escape her bizarre reality.
Bishop spins a tale of nonstop action, barely giving the reader a chance to breathe.  Her sexy scenes don’t disappoint.  If you like werewolves, don’t pass this one up. 
Bipedal is well written and edited, but I took issue with the fact there wasn’t time to pause.  I was forced to remain dirty a little longer, to starve a little longer, and to read with my eyes turning yellow (hint: bathroom break) for I did not want to put the book down  While I’m complaining, I may as well warn you that there’s some gore, but it flows so fast, it doesn’t deter from the reading.  My biggest gripe, I would have preferred chapters instead of one supersonic ride.  Of course, this book is short which adds another problem for me.  Yvonne Bishop’s talents need to be showcased in a longer work. 
Nevertheless, Bipedal is a good read at a great price.  Overall, this is a solid debut for the author.  I look forward to reading her next book. 

Knight Chills rates Bipedal 5 out of 5 Kills

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  1. Okay, I might be partial, but I have to agree that this a non-stop ride of suspense and horror.

    Yvonne always leaves me breathless!

    She is working on longer works, Nomar: a series of Angel novels. These might allow a "little" time to catch your breath. :D Also some potty time.

    Thank you for this great review!