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Another Kind of Love: Interview with Erotica Author Jemima Valentino

Tonight, Knight Chills welcomes Indie Erotica Author, Jemima Valentino. She's a highly skilled professional writer who has dared to venture into fiction.  Let's find out a little more about this talented author.

Jemima Valentino has worked as a commercial writer for more than ten years. After becoming an industry expert in her chosen field of business, Jemima turned her hand to writing fiction as a pastime, and to her surprise she didn't suck. Jemima writes for pleasure, and her repertoire includes erotica, modern fiction and short stories.  

 1.       Tell us about your latest book.

'His Elle' is an erotic novella centered around the topic of BDSM. It took me 3 months to write, and then a following 15 months to edit, re-edit, edit again, and finally pluck up the courage to actually publish it! Although the subject matter is not to everyone's taste, I am deeply fascinated by the psychology of BDSM and this book attempts to showcase the depth of love and devotion that can stem from such an intensely erotic and trusting relationship.

 A creature of beauty and intelligence is a rare breed, especially one who so wantonly offers the submission of her soul to another.

Through a chance meeting at an urgent care clinic, Elle and her Master soon fall unintentionally and desperately in love, embarking on a deeply intense BDSM relationship. Knowing they must soon part, Elle is pushed further than ever before. Through one final limitless display of submission, expertly guided by her Master, can Elle truly release her fears and give him all of her heart?
2.       How did you get started as a writer?
I've actually been a commercial writer for about 10 years. I have written hundreds of articles on a professional subject matter (under a different name), which have been published on some of the widest read websites in the world, as well as in the UK national press. The fact is, after a while I found it incredibly tedious and I could never use the full extent of my right brain, or the full extent of my incredibly vivid imagination. I turned my hand to writing short fiction, and then His Elle, which actually started out as short fiction, but soon developed into a novella. Writing fiction is soooo much more fun, don't you think?
  3.       What’s a typical day like for you?

Well, since I am a brand new author who has only just released my first novella, my typical day normally tends to involve running around after my kids, going to work at my real job and then coming home and running around after my kids. In the evenings, at the weekends and in every single spare moment I have, I squeeze in some writing and marketing my book on twitter, blogs, goodreads and anywhere else I can think of. I've met some amazing people along the way and although the journey has been very short for me so far, I know that I want this as my full time vocation more than I have ever wanted anything else. My resolution is to sell enough books so i can quit my job (and still pay the mortgage) to concentrate on writing full time.  
4.       What do you like most about reading and writing?
I love to do both as much as possible. I love to read in the bath and can sometimes stay in the tub for over an hour if I have a great book with me. It makes me look and feel like a prune, but it's worth it! I think reading other people's work is essential for any writer. It can keep you fresh and extend your vocabulary. As for writing, I love the fact that I can lose myself in a new story and become my own creation for a while. The best thing however is when a reader tells you that they love your work!
  5.       Which author influenced you the most?

There are some truly amazing authors in the world and my tastes are eclectic. I wouldn't say one author in particular has influenced me over any other, but I do love an author who can tell a great story and pull you right into the book. Most famously, Stephen King, J.K Rowling and Sue Townsend (Author of Adrian Mole, my favourite series of books...ever), have been able to do this for me and I will continue to read their books until the end of time. However, I also love indie authors and have discovered some amazing talent on my journey so far. There are definitely some indie and self-published books on my reading list for later this year.  
6.       Tell us 3 interesting things about you.
I don't always believe in Happily Ever Afters - the real world just isn't that simple.
As well as writing, I also love photography and designing pop art.  
I'm allergic to rum.  
7.       Would you say you write specifically for one genre and if not, what’s your favorite genre to write?
Currently, I am writing within the BDSM erotica genre and my next book which I am hoping to release in the Spring 'The House on Hundred Hill', is within the same genre. However, I am also working on a new book for release later this year called 'The Ninth Medium' which is a paranormal romance, and non-erotic. I have no fixed steer on what the future holds for me or the genre of my books, it all depends on what my brain decides to do next!
8.       Best and worst part of being a writer?
The best part about being a writer as I mentioned earlier, is having a reader tell you that your book(s) have stirred emotions within them. Whether it be fear, sadness, envy, love or even dislike of your characters, it is you, the writer that has made the reader feel a certain way. They say the most erotic part of the body is the mind and the right words, formed in the right way, can be an incredibly powerful tool.
The worst part about being a writer is the sheer frustration of writers block and self-discipline that it takes to remain focused. At one point, I had the beginnings of six new books on my laptop because I couldn't focus on bringing any one of them to completion.  
9.       Advice to writers?
A friend of mine told me just last week that you can't be a writer if you don't write. As an indie, it is easy to get caught up in the likes of twitter, relationship building and continuous marketing, but if you don't set some time aside to write something new, then your career will come to a halt pretty damn quickly. I have made a resolution this year that I will sit and write one thousand words, four times a week until my next book is finished, and then I'll start all over again. So far, so good! That is, if I can remain focused. 

10.   Interesting story about writing
Hmm, I'd love to make up a fabulous story full of sex, murder and intrigue, but honestly it would be an utter lie - or should I say, an utter work of fiction. I just don't have one I'm afraid, but I'm hoping to soon! 

Thank you for an insightful and delightful interview, Jemima Valentino and best of luck to you in your career.  You can read Jemima Valentino's blog here .

You can purchase the book at Smashwords here 
Here's a brief glimpse into her new book, His Elle:

Elle turned the case over in her fingers and found the clasp. She knew she shouldn't open it but she just couldn't resist. She cautiously flipped up the silver toggle and the lid creaked open. She peeked inside and instantly clamped her hand over her mouth to prevent the shriek that threatened to erupt from her throat. Fear and anger simultaneously collided in her head and she felt sick. A wave of nausea surged through her and she dropped the box, sending it tumbling on to the table with a loud thud.
"Oh, my God!" she whispered, as she crumpled to the floor. Her blood ran cold as she caught her breath and gingerly picked it up. Her eyes darted to the door in the vain hope that he hadn't heard the noise. When she was sure she hadn’t been overheard, she carefully placed the case in the bag with the rest of his equipment. For a split second she thought of hiding it, but he had left it there to be put in the bag and he would know if it was missing. Elle took a deep breath, zipped up the bag and returned to kneel on her pillow at the foot of his chair. Her heart was pounding and her eyes shifted between the doorway and the bag knowing the only thing that would get her through this was her complete trust in him.

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