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Catch the Journey: Review of Biola Olatunde’s Memory of a Forgotten Slumber

Catch the Journey: Review of Biola Olatunde’s Memory of a Forgotten Slumber
By Nomar Knight

Memories are scenes which unfolded in our past, full of love and misery.  It is a road that should lead to a path of self-discovery.  For some it is a welcomed journey, where time travel is made possible.  An honest look into the past may allow us to grow, giving us something to look forward to in the future.  I believe by examining the past, we can avoid pitfalls in our present, or at the very least, learn how to react to what unfolds around us.  

To reminisce in poetic form is an art that’s been around for centuries.  I find poetry a refreshing form of literature which allows writers to pour the contents of their hearts into the printed page.  Some may say it’s the process of cutting a vein and bleeding verses on the page.  Either way, a poem should reveal something about its author whether it is bits and pieces of a life that resides in a cloud of memory, or an existence of how things used to be.  A poem should strike an accord with its reader, stirring up a kinship of sorts between souls that may never meet except in the presence of the piece created.  

In my dear friend Biola Olantunde’s latest poetic effort, Memories of a Forgotten Slumber, raw emotion helps the reader look into the author’s memory cloud and through dazzling poetry do we get to peak into a world that would have remained forever lost to us.  Biola’s poetic mastery literally forms links which chain two different worlds together, regardless of any cultural boundaries that may exist. Her unique view of a past etched with painful events makes this reader realize that for all the differences we may be conditioned to believe exists between people, we all want the same things—to enjoy life and leave a positive mark—before we go off into the stars. Through a series of poems, Biola Olatunde teaches us through what she terms “sublime lessons” that the truth about life is out there if we care to look deep enough.  

In retrospect, I took away from this book that life is a major learning process and through our interactions with others, we learn much about ourselves.  

I for one am happy to have purchased this book for I have a feeling I will be constantly reading the various poems, especially when something in life triggers a memory shared with the lovely and talented, Biola Olatunde.  

Knight Chills rates Memories of a Forgotten Slumber: 5 poetic stars out of 5. 

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  1. All success to you, Biola! Sounds like you wrote a great collection.